Webb Diamond Project

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  • An exploration program commenced by GeoCrystal in 2013 at the remote Webb Diamond Project in the Gibson Desert of Western Australia resulted in the discovery of a large 400 km2 kimberlite field.
  • The Gibson Desert discovery, in this unexplored region of Australia, is the 1st new kimberlite field discovery to be made in Australia in the past 20 years.
  • The Webb Diamond Project contains a cluster of more than 280 circular magnetic features interpreted from airborne magnetic surveys which modelling suggests are kimberlitic volcanic bodies.
  • Drilling programs carried out by GeoCrystal since 2013 have only targeted 25% of these 280 discrete magnetic anomalies with only 71 of the magnetic targe being tested to date.
  • The drilling so far has discovered 51 kimberlite bodies at Webb.
  • Further drilling programs are planned to determine which of the remaining 209 magnetic targets is kimberlitic and which is diamondiferous.
  • In any large kimberlite field, it is expected that only 1% to 9% of kimberlites may prove diamondiferous.
  • Microdiamonds have now been recovered from surface ("loam") sampling programs undertaken by GeoCrystal in the desert at Webb and the evidence is supportive of the view that these microdiamonds are sourced from one or more of the as yet untested kimberlite bodies within the Webb field.
  • GeoCrystal's tenement holding at Webb now covers 1,132 sq.km of prospective ground.

Webb Diamond Project - Location Map

Webb Diamond Project - Aeromagnetic Image

Webb Diamond Project - Location of kimberlite bodies, untested targets and surface microdiamonds